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Pontoon Rental Terms & Conditions

Renter’s Form

All reservations are held with a Credit Card at the time of booking. The fee for your rental will be
charged on the Credit Card given during booking if you do not show. Last minute reservations
accepted upon availability. Boat rental and 100 deposit required on all none credit card hold.

RAINCHECK POLICY: We strives to keep each and every customer happy during rain events.
In the case of a raincheck, we will reschedule your party for another day within a year.

DEPARTURE TIME: The clock starts ticking at the beginning of your reservation time block.
Please arrive early and allow 15 minutes for check in.

DAMAGE/LOSS/REPLACEMENT EXPENSES: Please be aware that you are responsible for
your rental. Damage/loss/replacement of items from the rental will be replaced at the renter’s
expense. Severe damage not found on the inventory list will be assessed and charged to the
renter on an individual basis. Labor fees are not included in the prices and will also be assessed
and charged individually. The credit card listed will be charged any damage fees assessed. –
Absolutely no standing or jumping off of the furniture! – Clean Up: this includes, but is not limited
to mud, weeds, blood, bait, food, gum, lotions, and other natural or foreign items ground into
carpet, walls, seats, and/or the canopy. – Absolutely no sunflower seeds on the boat! – Hours
may vary to accommodate customers.

Reservation Contract LATE RETURN FEE $100 late fee will be applied to any party returning
late. Your boat is booked after your return so timeliness is a must!

1. In consideration of the willingness of Admiral of White Bear Lake to rent a motorized
watercraft to the undersigned, each of the undersigned parties jointly and severally releases,
indemnifies and agrees not to sue Owner, its shareholders, affiliates, officers, directors,
employees and agents, from any and all present and future liability or claims resulting from the
rental, use or operation of misconduct of any nature. 2. Released Parties, any loss of damage of
personal property, personal injury, or death to myself or third parties arising as a result of use of
the motorized boat and other equipment of Owner, any activities incidental to the rental and
operation of the motorized watercraft, wherever, whenever or however the same may occur. 3.
Each of the undersigned hereby voluntarily waives and releases all claims against Owner
resulting from the above, both present and future, that may be made by the undersigned, or the
family members estate, heirs, or assigns of the undersigned or others. 4. Each of the
undersigned is aware that operation of motorized boat involves serious risks and hazards to the
person and property of the undersigned or others. 5. Each of the undersigned understand that
these risks and hazards include, but are not limited to, death, drowning, mutilation, decapitation,
maiming, heart attacks, and injury to bones, joints, and muscles. 6. Each of the undersigned,
jointly and severally, also agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Released Pares from any
and all liability or claims made by other parties as a result of my action in any way relating to use
or operation of the Owner’s motorized watercraft. 7. Each of the undersigned understands they
are completely and solely responsible for all passengers in their rental. 8. Each of the
undersigned understand they are the only driver(s) of the rental and will not allow other
passengers to drive the rental. By executing this waiver each of the undersigned parties certifies
and agrees as follows: I understand that this release extends to claims arising on and after the
execution hereof of any nature and king whatsoever, known or unknown, suspected or
unsuspected, except as expressly set forth above, and that the facts in respect, which this
release is given hereafter may prove to be different than the facts now known or believed. I
have read this form and fully understand that by signing this form, I am giving up certain legal
rights and/or remedies.